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Passengers will have to shell out more while hailing taxis. The Karnataka government has notified a new fee structure fixing the minimum and maximum fare for taxis operated by app-based aggregators such as Uber, Ola and others.

According to PTI, four categories of fares have been fixed depending on the purchase price cost of the vehicle. For hiring a category D cab (vehicles costing up to Rs 5 lakh), the charge will be Rs 44 for the first four km and then a minimum of Rs 11 and maximum of Rs 22 per km for the journey.

It may be noted that Uber is launching its autorickshaw service again in the city.

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For category C cabs (vehicles costing between Rs 5 and 10 lakh), it will be Rs 52 for the first four km and thereafter, it will be minimum of Rs 12 to a maximum of Rs 24 per km.

For B category cabs (vehicles costing between Rs 10 and 16 lakh), it will be Rs 68 for the first 4 km, and thereafter, it will be a minimum of Rs 16 to a maximum of Rs 34 per km.

For A category cabs (vehicles costing above 16 lakh), it will be Rs 80 for the first 4 km and thereafter, it will be a minimum of Rs 20 to a maximum of Rs 45 per km.

For the first 20 minutes, there will be no waiting charges and post that, a charge of Rs 10 for every 15 minutes. According to the notification, the move has been taken after considering the fuel price hike, cost of vehicle and maintenance cost, among other things.