Mobeen Mian

Sharing other people's stories on social media. Ever tried that? It has been a difficult year for everyone mostly. During lockdowns and certain restrictions, social media has become the go-to-spot for most entrepreneurs, business owners, and everyone trying to pass time. Especially for entrepreneur, Mobeen Mian, the founder/CEO of multimedia brand, #Focuseddd.

The entrepreneur mentions that being aware of the idea of collaboration is something that is lacking in businesses today. While branding is important in today's changing world, many struggle to find the time to keep up their consistent routines, passions and certain endeavors to steady promote themselves and more so collaborate with one another.

"For a lot of individuals, I have noticed it is just really about the money for them. They don't want any partnership; they just want money. Why not offer each other something that goes beyond just monetary value and grow toward sustainability? Said Mian. "If you are a business owner and offer services in your company, and another business owner involves market strategies of their own, you should offer each other products, services, and recognition, that will make you both elevate. Without monetary expenses. This will develop diversity and notability amongst the clients yet to come for both entities".

The 3 D's in #FOCUSEDDD, desire, dedication, and devotion, represent a symbol of motivation, he says. The media production company is an established LLC that focuses on capturing inspirational content in a persons or businesses. He says #Focuseddd, has helped brand numerous social media accounts for local artists within the Dallas metroplex. The team continues to promote The Dallas Open Mic show every Tuesday night in Dallas, with Charlie Rihoo, who is the founder of the event, and owner of Rihoo Records. This event also promotes diversity, and inclusion, which receives over 500 weekly attendees and performers from across the nation.

In 2021, #Focuseddd was among the first multi-media brand from Dallas to go on a promotional tour in multiple cities, creating press in each location just through the collaborations of the American Entrepreneur. The multi-media team traveled to New York City to interview the manager and owner of the New Black Wall Street, Dr. Ricco Wright, ahead of the grand opening of the gallery on May 27th, 2021. Customized shirts and news coverage was made for the event.

He explains that this was a follow-up collaboration with Dr. Ricco Wright and team #Focuseddd. In 2020, he, and his team, produced a film of Dr. Ricco Wright at his second gallery in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The video itself reached an exciting number over 10,000 views on YouTube and was during the political race of Dr. Wright in Tulsa during the time as well, he claims.

The promotion team attended The Art Soiree, art exhibit hosted by Joshua Garcia of Inspired LBC at the Ice House Arts Complex in Long Beach, California. Promoted their event digitally with pictures, videos, highlights, as well as interviews from specific persons at the event, including the Field Deputy of Long Beach City, Dylan Nicklin. This event included promotion, news press, musical acts, and art pieces displayed by talent in the U.S. With this, the promotional collaboration tour continued in Denver, Colorado. He met with the CEO of Mile High Minute, Brenton Saylor.

While completing his Masters in Organizational Leadership, he is ongoing applications for his Ph.D.