A woman wearing the traditional burqa.
A woman wearing the traditional burqa.Reuters

In an incident that appears to be straight out of a movie, a 36-year-old woman was recently arrested for stealing two-wheelers from two showrooms in Bengaluru, India.

The woman has been identified as Roshini Prashanth, a resident of Ramamurthy Nagar. The Pulakeshinagar police have also recovered two Yamaha Fascino that she stole from showrooms at Banaswadi and Frazer Town. The woman admitted to the crime after the arrest and said that she committed the theft to treat her ill mother, Bangalore Mirror reported.

While she claimed that her mother was a paralytic and she needed funds to treat her, the daily visited Prashanth's house and found the mother fit and healthy.

A police officer investigating the case told Mirror: "After her arrest, Roshini claimed she was unable to source money to treat her mother who was suffering from paralysis. Her father died a few years ago and she has reportedly separated from her husband. She was earlier working at a BPO."

The 36-year-old worked on a well-planned strategy to commit the theft. She would visit two-wheeler showrooms dressed in a burqa and speak to the salesperson about her interest in buying a two-wheeler. Once the salesperson starts discussing the features of the scooter, she would pretend to feel unwell and request a glass of water.

But the moment the salesperson would leave her with the scooter to get her water, she would flee with the vehicle. According to the police probing the cases, Prashanth would always look for a showroom that did not have too many customers and would choose the time carefully.

Detailing the incident in Banaswadi, Raghav S Bhojanna, managing director of Pacer Yamaha at Kalyan Nagar, told Mirror: "The salesman asked her to produce her identity card, which she couldn't. So, she was refused the test ride. But she continued to stand near the scooter pretending to be checking out its features.

"Suddenly, she claimed she was feeling faint and asked the salesman to get her some water. When he went to get water, she started the scooter and sped away. She has stolen the same type of scooter from another Yamaha showroom in Fraser Town using a similar strategy."

Prashanth has now been remanded to judicial custody and the two-wheelers she stole have been returned to the showrooms.