A day after taking control over the Burkina Faso cabinet and detaining the president and the prime minister, the elite presidential guard on Thursday announced the dissolution of government.

A member of Burkina Faso's presidential guard, Lieutenant-Colonel Mamadou Bamba, announced on the national television that they have "dissolved" the political institutions to organise "inclusive elections" in the landlocked west African country, AFP reported.

Bamba declared that they have formed the "National Democratic Council" to end "the deviant regime of transition". He added that Burkina's interim President had been stripped of his powers.

Local news sources said that presidential guard's General Gilbert Diendere has taken control of the country.

General Diendere reportedly told a French Magazine that the interim President, Michel Kafando, and interim prime minister Lieutenant Colonel Yacouba Isaac Zida are alive and will be released soon.

Meanwhile, interim parliament speaker Cheriff Sy told the French radio station RFI that what was happening in the country was "clearly a coup" and asked the citizens to "immediately rise up" in response.

Several shooting incidents have been reported in the main square in the capital, Oaugadougou, according to BBC.

The members of the presidential guard who are loyal to the ousted ex-leader, Blaise Compaore, also have been accused of attacking the protesters. At least one person has died and some 60 have been injured in coup-related violence.

A witness told the Reuters news agency that more than 100 people had gathered in the square by around 07:00 GMT to demand the release of the interim government leaders.