The Bundesliga gameweek 13 will go ahead as scheduled despite fears of terrorist attacks, confirmed the German Football Association (DFB) on Wednesday, 18 November.

'You may scare us, but you can't stop us.' That seems to be the message from DFB following what happened just 24 hours back at Hanover where the German national team were due to play Netherlands.

The high-intensity international friendly had to be cancelled following reports that a suspect bag was found inside the stadium; people had to be evacuated from the venue at a short notice. No explosives were found, however. 

Concerns among football fans arose on the bearing the incident on Tuesday night would have on the German league games in the weekend. However, there is nothing to fear, Reinhard Rauball, acting president, DFB, has stated.

"The matchday will take place," Rauball, also the president of Borussia Dortmund, said. "We have great confidence in the federal and state security authorities. On the one hand, we do not want to succumb to terror. Yet, on the other, top priority must be given to protecting human life."

European governing body UEFA also said in a statement that the fifth round games of the Champions League as well as the Europa League will go ahead as scheduled next week in Germany.

"All matches are scheduled to go ahead as planned," UEFA said in a statement. "UEFA has very strict rules regarding safety and security in relation to the organization of matches and is working closely with the home clubs and local authorities to ensure all necessary measures are implemented to guarantee safety for all involved.

"UEFA has not issued directives about traveling fans; it is up to the relevant authorities to decide such matters," it added.

The sudden spate of terrorist attacks started on the fateful night of 13 November when France was playing Germany at the Stade de France. The sound of explosions was heard during the game, and the series of attacks left over 120 people dead.

It was also assumed that the French Ligue 1 games would be stopped for the coming weekend, but the spirit of football doesn't seem to die amidst the fear of terrorism. The international friendly between England and France on Tuesday night at Wembley remained a testament to that fact.