Sahil Ali

Sahil Ali is a young entrepreneur who is testifying the fact that your will can help you cross brooks of challenges if you are determined to make a difference!

He is a 20-year-old director of Costaforex technologies PVT ltd. an automated trading software. He started at the age of 13 when he was a juvenile fresher who didn't know much about the industry, but his talent and dream fostered by his aspirations never let him quit.
He researched, orchestrated strategy, learned about the pros and cons, developed expertise and new skills, and curated a technology that can help the busy masses, guiding them through a procedure that can never disappoint, he claims. His potential to solve community-based problems helped him develop managerial capabilities.

He is teaching and training a lot of apprentices under him, helping and guiding them along their way to attainment. He lives by the philosophy "that stick-to-it-iveness will always assist you to reach your objective"

His ambition is impacting many young aspirants to also head forward to attain that small step, take that subtle risk and inculcate the values of leadership and break the stereotypes of superiority.

He showcased that, you can make a change, and no upper hand can pull you down from your ladder of success if you are determined enough to stand up for your dreams, focused enough to not get distracted by any easier looking route, and not influenced by any unhealthy advice that comes on your way. If you think that your age can never be a hurdle on your journey, no energy can suppress you from triumph.