Kiren Rijiju
In picture: Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju.Press Information Bureau

Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju on Monday sparked off a controversy by tweeting that Hindu population is going down in India because Hindus do not convert people, and that the number of people who belong to "minorities" — people from other religions — is increasing.

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Given that the electoral process is underway in several states across India, Rijiju may be hauled up by the Supreme Court, which had said in a verdict that no political party can ask for votes in the name of caste, creed or religion. Now even though Rijiju was not exactly speaking at a poll rally, he might be pulled up because the BJP is an active aspirant to form government in these states. 

It may be worth noting that Rijiju himself is a Buddhist, and although Buddhism shares some tenets and symbols with Hinduism, it is considered a separate religion, meaning Rijiju himself falls under the "minorities" tag. 

What Rijiju said

Rijiju on Monday took to Twitter to berate the Congress, whose leaders — according to reports — had said that the BJP was looking to turn Arunachal Pradesh into a Hindu state. Rijiju, who hails from Arunachal Pradesh, said on Twitter: "Hindu population is reducing in India because Hindus never convert people. Minorities in India are flourishing unlike some countries around. [sic]"

Kiren Rijiju first tweet
In picture: Kiren Rijiju first tweet.Screenshot

He went on to add: "Congress should not make such provocative statements. India is a secular country. All religious groups enjoy freedom & living peacefully. [sic]"

Kiren Rijiju second tweet
Kiren Rijiju second tweet.Screenshot

He also said: "Why is Congress making such irresponsible statements? People of Arunachal Pradesh are unitedly living peacefully with each other. [sic]"

Kiren Rijiju third tweet
Kiren Rijiju third tweetScreenshot

The statements may just be enough for the Supreme Court to pull up Rijiju. Meanwhile, political rivals — especially the Congress — are going to have a field day in their efforts to bash the BJP, Rijiju and his comments.