BTS craze
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BTS is setting a new record with its global appeal and brand image, finding a place in cute characters, plush toys, clothes and cups. Leading the market demand is Line Friends' BT21, a collection of characters created by BTS members assigning special skills and personality to each character associated with the boy band.

According to their website, BT21 is the maiden project that not just deals with creating avatars for BTS crew but to act as a global character brand ambassador. Each character created by the team is unique and displays the quirkiness of individual BTS members knitted with a backstory.

The imaginary space, Universtar BT21 sees the journey of TATA along with VAN who accidentally crashes onto Earth and meet the other members of the band like RJ, CHIMMY, COOKY, MANG, SHOOKY and KOYA.

The merchandise has enjoyed wide popularity for its cuteness factor with many thronging to grab hold of the plush toys even without knowing its BTS connection. The BT21 range of products includes plush toys, mugs, cushions, stationeries and fashion accessories.

BT21 has joined hands with established brands like Paris Baguette and Converse to widen its reach. The merchandise is available online and through their flagship stores in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

In addition to being on the cover of Korea Yakult and coffee bottles, BTS has become the face of soft drink giant Coca-Cola which has grabbed its share of BTS fever with its limited edition of BTS cans and bottles.

Following Coca-Cola, LG Electronics has signed the group to be its face to promote G7 ThinQ smartphone featuring BTS themes and offers. Riding the BTS wave, LG recently launched the LG Q7 BTS edition with the boy bands' logo, handwritten emoji, wallpapers, personalised voice greetings recorded by BTS members and BTS app.

The Boys have gradually found their way to promote BTS with subtle marketing. It will not be long before the BTS craze reaches a feverish pitch with its global appeal.