Border Security Forces have recovered 52kg of drugs worth ₹260 crore from different places along the Indo-Pak border, reported Press Trust of India.

BSF Pankaj Jaiswal on Wednesday said, "32 kilogram heroin was seized last night from Khem Karan border whereas another seizure of 20 kilogram was made last night from Rorawali Border Post near Attari border." 

Smugglers from across the border were trying to illegally transport the large consignment of heroin.

The BSF patrolling party discovered the smugglers' attempt and rounds were fired incessantly from both ends.

The firing continued for about three hours after which the smugglers managed to flee to the Pakistan border.

Questions are now being raised about the Pakistani Rangers who didn't come on the scene when the BSF and smugglers were involved in the ambush.

BSF Inspector General Aditya Mishra hinting suspicion at Pakistani Rangers' role told Indian Express, "It is surprising that smugglers held their ground for such long and there was no action from Pak Rangers for all this time."

"We would raise the issue with (top officials of) Pak Rangers during the meeting."

Jaiswal also added that the rangers only turned the search lights and that too during the last round of the firing.

After the firing came to a standstill, the BSF discovered nine empty shells, two live rounds of AK 47, one Nokia phone with Pakistani SIM card and some amount of opium at the site of the haul.

On Tuesday, the BSF also found fake Indian currency notes worth ₹4.87 lakh. The currency notes were in the denomination of ₹1000.