Bryan Silva Vine screen shot
Bryan Silva Vine screen shotVine

Vine sensation, Bryan Silva recently fell victim to a death hoax, which claimed that he was shot dead in Virginia. The hoax that went rampant on web, began from website, which reported that Silva being gunned down for using racial slurs.

"Around 11:00 a.m., Brian, 23, was gunned down just outside a doorway at 1840 W Broad St. He had been shot five times in the head, becoming the first Caucasian killed in the area for overusing the "N" word," the report read. "At the scene, Bryan's body remained where he fell with a white sheet covering for an extended amount of time and in view of his relatives. Their emotions shifting from shock, to sadness and then anger."

It was also mentioned in the report that Silva's relatives wanted to demolish the Virginia community housing project as too many blacks stayed there.

The death hoax report also included a quote from Silva's dad Michael Silva, which said: "Many white people say the 'N' word on a daily basis, Bryan didn't deserve this!"

However, Silva is very much alive and kicking and fans are shocked and furious about the hoax. Post the rumours, people took to Twitter to express their feelings. Some of the interesting tweets include:

ā˜¾dā˜½ @dee_kaymarie wrote , "The fact that some people are like upset that the Bryan silva kid didn't die..? Why would you ever wish death upon someone."

Kacey Finch ā€@KaceyFinch  May 4 wrote, "the Bryan Silva death is a hoax people everyone go back to being happy and grattatta-ing"

Charles Rogers ā€@IamReezin  May 5 wrote thank god the bryansilvadeath article was a hoax, i was worried some haters got mad and sent some gratata at his fitted.

Other stars who have recently become victim of death hoax include Dwayne Johnson, Leonardo Di Caprio, Michael Schumacher, Mark Calaway and Macaulay Carson Culkin.