Bryan Cranston is all set to portray the character of Zordon in the upcoming "Power Rangers" movie. in the original Power Rangers series, Zordon was a mysterious floating head that used to assist the Rangers during their missions.

Cranston discussed his role with renowned television host Larry King, and told him how he ended up playing Zordon in the movie.

Cranston told King, "35 years ago, I worked doing dubbing of the television series 'Power Rangers.' I did it so often, that they named one of the 'Power Rangers' characters after me!"

"The Blue Power Ranger is named Billy Cranston!"

Comic Book reported that Cranston has promised that the upcoming movie of the franchise will be entirely different from the "Power Rangers" TV series. He said that the difference will be similar to the Batman movies and the 1966 "Batman" television series.

The website has also stated that Cranston was eager to do a "sci-fi/superhero type" movie, and he was really excited to do something like it for a long time. Hence, he didn't hesitate when the role was offered to him.

While talking about the Rangers, Cranston mentioned "Red, and Blue, and Black, and Yellow, and Green." Cranston might have mistakenly hinted at the appearance of the Green Ranger, as officially Red, Blue, Black, Yellow and Pink Rangers have been announced for the movie. Though it is not confirmed, the Green Ranger may join the team too.

Besides Cranston, other cast members include Dacre Montgomery as Jason Lee Scott/The Red Ranger, Becky G as Trini/The Yellow Ranger, RJ Cyler as Billy/The Blue Ranger, Naomi Scott as Kimberly/The Pink Ranger, and Ludi Lin as Zack/The Black Ranger. Elizabeth Banks will be playing the antagonist Rita Repulsa.

"Power Rangers" is currently undergoing through principal photography and is scheduled to release in February 2017.