Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who is also known as RGV, has taken an indirect dig at Ram Charan, Megastar Chiranjeevi and director Srinu Vaitla in his review of the Telugu movie "Bruce Lee – the Fighter".

RGV had ranted again Megastar Chiranjeevi on his Twitter pages a couple of times in the past. His enmity with Srinu Vaitla is an open secret and both of them were in news for exchanging heated words in public in the past. In fact, Srinu had taken a dig at RGV by introducing his look-alike character in "Baadshah", which was a direct insult.

RGV was waiting for an opportunity to give it back to Srinu. He watched the latter's movie "Bruce Lee – the Fighter" on the first day of its release. Soon after watching the film, he took to his Twitter page to share his verdict on it. In a series of tweets, he questioned the justification of the title and confusion over Chiranjeevi's 150the film

Here are the series tweets of Ram Gopal Varma:

Just watched Ram Charan's Bruce Lee

After watching Ram Charan in "Bruce Lee" now watching Bruce Lee in "Enter The Dragon" If not called Bruce Lee, Ram Charan is fantastic in "Bruce Lee" but since he is called Bruce Lee he is ........

As a Bruce Lee fan I really wonder why they named Ram Charan as Bruce Lee in a Bruce Lee less film

I wonder why Boss Is back for his 150th with Bruce Lee....I hope that in 151st he will be better than Bruce Lee

As a Mega fan of Mega Star and a Power fan of Bruce Lee I hope 151st will give a MegaKickingPowerPunch

I wonder when Boss's 151st film is starting?..just asking

Ram Charan in "Bruce lee" would have looked Bruceleeish by not adding Bruce Lee and if they subtracted and divided instead of multiplying

I really wonder what that Bruce Lee would have thought of this Bruce Lee?

After all the Mega discussions Mega Star had, I am Mega surprised that he chose Bruce Lee as his 150th film

For Mega star to do Bruce Lee as 150th is as big a Mega wrong decision as Prajarajyam party but am sure 151st will be Enter the Dragon

Whether he is in 1 scene or one sequence I saw him for the 150th time on screen nd so this is the 150th for me..anyways what's in a number?

Congrats on 100 days to Bahubali Rajmouli Real Bruce Lee of Cinema..Rajmouli sir pls tweet ur feet for all us wannabe Bruce Lee's to touch

And I hope rumours are wrong and telugu Mega Star for 151st will not do copy of Tamil film and be as mega original as Rajmouli in Bahubali

No matter how big Rajmouli is,Mega is bigger and Telugus will be hurt if Mega imports Tamil pride while Rajmouli is exporting telugu pride

As a Mega fan,My sincere request to Mega Star is to do a Mega original film better than Bahubali as Mega 151st and not copy a Tamil film

My sincere request to all Mega fans is to sincerely request Mega to be original and uplift Telugu pride and not copy frm Tamil for his 151st

Mega in his Telugu leader status to copy a Tamil film is back stab for Telugu Pride..So I hope that he's doing a Tamil copy film is rumour

Unlike some people thinking I am actually biggest fan of Mega Star and my tweets are in support of him which some dumbs r not understanding

Financials n credits apart,Isn't Remake just a nice word to say I am copying because I don't have the capacity to be original ..just asking

When he was even a zero he dint copy stars like NTR,ANR etc n that's why he became why shud he copy Tamil for 151st? Just asking

Mega doing Tamil for 151st seems like he trusts Tamil talents more than Telugus n I think not right for Telugu people's Leader ..just saying

What I am saying is as a telugu citizen to a telugu leader not to depend upon tamil talent for a mega prestigious telugu project like 151st

I only copy but then I am neither Mega nor Telugu ppls leader ..So as a fan I request mega fans to request Mega to belive in local talents

Am just shocked but also pleasantly surprised that Russia seems to be tackling the dreaded ISIS with far more effectiveness than America

No war in history was so mixed with internal strife, sectarian bigotory and random imperialism like in Syria ..My heart goes out to commons

The Wahhabi sect seems to be truly at test in ever changing landscape of Islam especially in the context of self declared Isis caliphate

I always felt a fundamental flaw in American defence secretary Rumsfeld's beliefs and the situation in Iraq surely originated from there

No correlation between Obama speaking on Osama's death and current strategy on Isis but I feel a dangerous contention with Mega's 151st

My earlier tweet was in an isolated comparative projection of the 151st not to be diverted by literary meanderings of the hidden meanings

If mega fans understand nuances of complexities of Russian overdrive on Isis from American perspective then they will understand 151st