Bruce Jenner
Bruce JennerFacebook/InTouch

Bruce Jenner's decision to allegedly transition into a woman has once again created a lot of buzz, specially after a new report claims that he is set to come out as a transgender this year.

The In Touch magazine cover featured a doctored image of Jenner wearing makeup and feminine attire, and it said that Jenner was about to come out as a woman in the coming months. According to the magazine, Jenner realises that the public has noticed signs of his transformation, and he believes it is the apt time to address the issue.

"He's finally becoming more comfortable with himself and his choice to be a woman. When Bruce goes public, he wants to go big and come out as a transwoman on the cover of 'The Advocate,' the ultimate LGBT magazine," a source told the magazine, according to AceShowbiz. 

Although there is no confirmation on whether the news is true, his sons – Brandon and Brody – are standing by their father through this difficult time, a Radar Online source said.

"It's obvious to anyone that he is struggling with gender identity issues," the insider said. "The magazine cover didn't come as a surprise to the brothers, but they both feel it's very insensitive to the LGBT community. Both Brandon and Brody are both very strong supporters of LGBT people. They're standing by their dad through this."

"Brandon and Brody will continue to support their dad, and if does indeed, make the transition to being a woman, their feelings for him won't change."

Jenner's daughters with Kris are also said to be supportive of their dad's decision to allegedly undergo a sex change operation. But the In Touch cover managed to upset Kylie Jenner her, and she was reportedly seen crying.

"Kylie called him crying, asking if he was alright," a family insider revealed to HollywoodLife. "She kept asking Bruce if he was alright, if he needed anything and wanted to know if there was something she could do to make him feel better."

"She was in tears the whole time because she doesn't like when her father's being attacked, especially in this way," the source continued. "She was really pissed and felt [the magazine was] very mean and nasty."