Brother of Bommali
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Telugu film "Brother of Bommali" has received decent reviews from the critics.

Directed by Chinni Krishna, "Brother of Bommali" (BOB) has Allari Naresh and Karthika in the lead as brother and sister (twins). Monal Gajjar plays the female lead opposite Naresh, while other cast members include Harshavardhan Rane, Brahmanandam and Ali.

Plot: Rama Krishna (Naresh) is a soft-natured guy, while Lakshmi (Karthika) is a tomboy. Rama Krishna is in love with Shruthi (Monal Gajjar) and informs about it to his parents. They agree to their marriage on a condition that his sister should get married first. Rama Krishna tries to find a groom for his sister, but she rejects them all and also reveals that she will marry only an IAS officer (Harshvardhan Rane). But, Rama Krishna finds out that the officer is going to marry someone else. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Critics have stated that "Brother of Bommali" is a formulaic comedy entertainer. The performances of the actors are adequate and the dialogues are impressive, said the critics. Comedy, performances of Naresh and Karthika, and the first half are the plus points of the film.

On the flip side, the second half is dull and predictable, according to the critics.

Check below the review roundup of "Brother of Bommali".

"Brother of Bommali has the right mix of interesting story and some funny comedy. Complete first half, Naresh and Karthika's performance are huge plus points. On the flip side, if you do not mind seeing the same old Brahmanandam, routine comedy and a predictable storyline, you can safely watch this film and you would not be disappointed," according to 123telugu.

Techincal Aspects: "Director Chinni plays it safe by applying Srinu Vytla formula in the second half. Brother of Bommali has interesting plot and an entertaining first half. But the director messed it up in the second half by taking the beaten path. He has a very good sense of humor and it is evident in few scenes," according to Gulte.

"Music by Sekhar Chandra is mediocre. Fights by Ram Lakshman are over the top. There is nothing much to write about other technical aspects of the film except for the impressive dialogues," the website stated.

"This role is a tailor-made for our comedy hero. He excels in the scenes where he expresses frustration. She is a complete revelation in this movie and shows a completely different angle in her. Her comic timing is very good and she is believable in the fights composed by Ram Lakshman," according to APToday.

"Monal Gajjar as Naresh's love interest does a decent job. Brahmanandam as Kona Venkat is ineffective. Ali, Vennela Kishore, Harshavardhan Rane, Bhanu Sri Mehra, Srinivas Reddy and Abhimanyu Singh have played their parts well. Kelly Dorjee hardly leaves any impact," the website stated.

"Decent story line with very ordinary and tad boring screen-play. 1st half feels slow and is some what better towards Interval. As the story unfolds in 2nd half gets little better and ends with a comedy of errors climax!. It is an average routine formulaic film which might be watchable to an extent if you want kill lots of time," according to Andhraboxoffice.

Verdict: Formulaic Entertainer, One-Time Watch.