Britney Spears had a very embarrassing oops moment yet again when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction on stage during her show in Las Vegas on 17 October.

"Oops she split it again" went the Internet buzzing when Britney's zipper split open while she was performing her hit single "3" on stage at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The 33-year-old singer's zipper snapped off her sexy sheer outfit, exposing her entire back during the "Piece of Me" show.

Britney was about half way through the performance when she realised her zipper broke and split open her dress, but the pop star, being a true performer, continued performing like nothing happened. She didn't miss a beat as she signalled one of her backup dancers to help fix it. Well, it wasn't that easy. Several dancers tried their luck to zip her back, but it was nothing but a series of futile attempts.

Well, the Internet is all praises for the way Spears pulled off the entire act without worrying about the malfunction. Despite the zipper snapping, Spears didn't miss even a single beat, rocked every dance move and finished the entire performance perfectly.

"Oops I did it Again" singer in fact just let it go and pulled off her wardrobe malfunction as a sexy dance routine. Not just this, at the end of the song, she even bared the back for the audience.

Well, clearly Britney Spears is not new to wardrobe malfunctions, and clearly the pop star knows how to handle that embarrassing moment.