Britney Spears, mother of two, has one flexible body that we are all jealous of. Just take a look at the picture she shared on Instagram, of her performing the complex chakrasana. However, we got to see more of it when she did a complete 180-degree split in her bikini while hanging out at a beach in Hawaii.

E! shared the pictures of a bikini-clad Britney and her two kids Jayden and Sean relaxing at the Kauai beach, just soaking up the sun. Britney also wanted to stretch those muscles, and so promptly decided to bust some of her workout like the back-bends and crunches.

She followed it up with the split which had our eyes popping out. The mother of two is definitely rocking a great-looking and agile body.

But even with all that, Britney likes to show that she is just like you and me, which is why she shared another photo to convey there are things even her body can't do. Or can it? Some say she nailed it. You decide.