British sculptor Anish Kapoor, who had remarked that India is being ruled by a "Hindu Taliban", was removed from the governing body of Rajasthan's Jawahar Kala Kendra in Jaipur, said reports.

Though Kapoor's article criticising the Modi government appeared in a UK daily on 12 November, the BJP-ruled state government had nominated the controversial artist on 16 November.

However, on Wednesday night, Rajasthan Tourism Minister Krishnendra Kaur cancelled all 12 nominations, including that of the controversial sculptor, saying the nominations were issued without consultation.

"Nominations of all the 12 members has been cancelled last night. I had no idea of the nomination earlier," PTI quoted Kaur as saying.

The development comes after reporters asked her about the British sculptor being nominated to the governing body panel, pointing out his scathing remarks against the BJP government during PM Narendra Modi's UK visit.