British Prime Minister David Cameron urged the use of the word, "Daesh", to refer to the Islamic State in a bid to discredit and debase the militant outfit.

The British PM -- who used the word, Isil, to refer to the Islamist terrorist group based in Iraq and Syria (Levant) -- has decided to call it by the Arabic acronym Daesh due to its negative connotations in the Middle Eastern language.

The acronym is closely related to Arabic words such as "Daes", which means "to trample" and "Dahes", which translates to "one who sows discord".

"Daesh is clearly an improvement and I think it's important that we all try to use this language," AFP quoted Cameron as saying, while addressing the parliament on Wednesday.

He was participating in a debate in Parliament on the issue whether the country should join the US-led coalition to conduct air strikes on Islamic State(also referred to as Isis).

"Frankly this evil death cult is neither a true representation of Islam nor is it a state," he added, calling the militants "women-raping, Muslim-murdering, medieval monsters."

The British government even changed their Twitter handle from "UK against ISIL" to "UK Against Daesh".