British prankster Lee Nelson illegally entered the FIFA headquarters in Zurich on Monday and threw dollar bills at the FIFA president Sepp Blatter on the stage.

Blatter was speaking at the FIFA executive committee meeting which was supposed to announce the dates for the presidential election. Nelson, whose real name is Simon Brodkin, came up on stage and threw notes on the FIFA president when Blatter announced himself as the delegate for the North Korean World Cup.

After Nelson showered the dollar notes on Blatter, the security guards ejected Nelson out of the building. Blatter also walked out of the stage.

"This is nothing to do with football ... we need to clean here first. I am still alive, the waves of the tsunami have not taken me away," Blatter told the media after coming back on stage. 

The FIFA presidential election will now be held on 26, February, 2016 in Zurich. According to the organisation's statement, 209 members will form an "extraordinary elective congress" to elect the successor of Blatter who has been at that post since 1998.

Earlier on 2, June, 2015, Blatter had stepped down from the post of the FIFA president. This happened just four days after seven football officials were arrested. Post that Blatter was re-elected again for the same post.

UEFA president Michel Platini is likely to be elected as the next FIFA president according to sources. Platini is believed to have gained the support of four out of six regional confederations that constitutes FIFA.