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British Airway planeWiki Commons/Adrian Pingstone

British Airways cabin crew members will reportedly go on a strike on Christmas day, December 25 and Boxing Day, December 26 over low pay issues.

The cabin crew are members of the Unite union and also work for the airline's Mixed Fleet operation. The union has said that thousands of cabin crew members will go strike because of "poverty pay and broken promises."

The union's regional officer, Matt Smith, had earlier said that the pay rates of British Airways were "indefensible" and that the "crew are at breaking point." The unit had also shared details of a survey which stated that at least two-thirds of the cabin crew had reported to duty unfit because they could not afford to lose the £3 per hour flying allowance which they earn apart from their basic salary. Unite also said that the workers have not had a pay rise since 2014.

The British Airways denounced the decision of a strike on two important holiday days saying that the action by Unite is calculated and heartless and intends to disrupt customers' travel plans to unite with their loved ones on these holidays.

"We have been informed tonight by Unite that it has called strike action by Mixed Fleet cabin crew on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We are appalled that Unite proposes to disrupt customers' travel plans on such special days when so many families are trying to gather together or set off on well-deserved holidays," a spokesperson for British Airways said.

"This calculated and heartless action is completely unnecessary and we are determined that it will fail. We will plan to ensure all our customers travel to their destinations so that their Christmas arrangements are not ruined. We will publish more details within the next 72 hours."

"Meanwhile, we have also approached the conciliation service ACAS to seek their assistance in reaching an outcome that would avoid any possibility of disruption," the spokesperson added.

After the announcement of the strike, Unite also said that on December 23, the busiest day of the festival season, all the check-in staff and baggage handlers will stage a walk-out at 18 main airports in the UK.