Priyanka wedding
Priyanka Chopra Twitter

Bride Priyanka Chopra, came under fire for the cracker show organised on the eve of her wedding at Umaid Bhavan Palace in Jodhpur. A spectacular cracker show had been organised to celebrate the day for the couple which lasted for several minutes. Priyanka, who had urged everyone to stay away from bursting crackers during Diwali in a video, has now been slammed and called a 'hypocrite' for her action.

People have bombarded social media with tweets and digs at the actress's convenient hypocrisy. Some have even asked whether Priyanka and Nick would be arrested as people were arrested for bursting crackers after the blanket ban during Diwali. Some have taken pot-shots at the Chopra girl and claimed how the crackers which were burst during her wedding celebrations were green and eco-friendly. People also questioned whether Supreme Court's decision to ban crackers after 8pm held any importance for the global icon and our desi girl – PeeCee.

Priyanka had done an ad for Cipla right a few days before Diwali insisting that how she and many other people like her who suffered from asthma had more trouble breathing during Diwali. She had requested people and viewers to not pollute the environment any further. While the diva was praised for her stance then, on hindsight, it all seems like just a money-making business. Let's take a look at some of the tweets.