While the 'nagin dance' and its signature moves are famous at almost all Indian weddings, one performance proved costly for an Uttar Pradesh groom as the embarrassed bride dumped him at the wedding mandap.

Wedding called off in Uttar Pradesh after groom's family demands beef dishes

According to the Times of India, the groom was drunk and his nagin dance, which included steps like slithering on the floor and making hissing sounds, embarrassed the bride to such an extent that she called off the wedding just before the rituals were to begin late on Tuesday. 

Despite the groom's family trying to convince the bride, she did not change her decision, forcing the groom to return home with his family. The woman's family also called police fearing violence at the wedding hall. Interestingly, the woman married another man on Wednesday.

The bride and the groom's families belong to the same community in Shahjahanpur city and know each other. However, on the day of the marriage, when Priyanka Tripathi's family was welcoming groom Anubhav Mishra and his family, he started dancing to the nagin song that the DJ was playing.

As Anubhav started swaying to the naagin song, his friends showered him with currency notes. This left the bride's family shocked, following which Priyanka called off the wedding.