More than £100,000 ($139,663) has been pledged for an incredibly pro-Brexit documentary film, which is expected to be premiered just a month before the EU referendum. Almost 1,500 backers have donated money to Brexit: The Movie on crowdfunding site Kickstarter over 26 days.

The project has now reached its fundraising target with four days to spare, meaning filmmaker Martin Durkin and his production company, Wag TV, will be able to start work on the movie.

A spokesperson for Wag TV described the planned film as incredibly pro-Brexit and revealed to IBTimes UK that the movie will be launched in the first week of May, just a month before the EU referendum is held on 23 June.

This film is a battering ram. We will use it to reduce Fortress Europe to rubble, Durkin declared.

Wag TV will offer the documentary to national broadcasters, screen the film in selected theatres across the UK and distribute the movie via DVD and online to watch for free. The production firm has also promised to spend further pledges on greater promotion and distribution of the film.

The who, what, when and why of the historic Brexit vote

Durkins previous work has included Channel 4 documentaries Margaret Thatcher: Death of a Revolutionary, Nigel Farage: Who Are You?, and Britains Trillion Pound Horror Story.

The latest opinion poll from YouGov for The Times, of more than 3,400 people between 21 and 23 February, put leave just one point ahead of remain (38% versus 37%), with 25% of respondents undecided.

The pro-EU campaign Britain Stronger in Europe had not responded to a request for comment at the time of publication.