The breast advertisement placed on the sides of 30 trucks Moscow trucks caused 517 accidents in a day
The breast advertisement placed on the sides of 30 trucks Moscow trucks caused 517 accidents in a daycreative commons/Juan Campos

In what can only be chalked up to a poorly-thought out advertising campaign, the larger-than-life images of bare breasts displayed on the side of vans in Moscow has caused 517 accidents, according to reports.

The massive advertisement, which is supposedly part of a PR campaign to inspire companies to place ads on trucks rather than public transports, placed on the sides of 30 trucks driving across Moscow, shows the cupped breasts of a woman, over which a strategically placed thin blue band covers the nipple. The band carries the message, "They attract", according to Daily Mail.

The message rang true, unfortunately for over 517 drivers, who were too distracted by the pair of giant breasts failed to notice other vehicles and got involved in road accidents.

One of the motorists, 35-year-old Ildar Yuriev, who involved in an accident: "I was on my way to a business meeting when I saw this truck with a huge photo of breasts on its side go by. Then I was hit by the car behind who said he had been distracted by the truck. It made me late and left my car in the garage, and although I am insure I am still out of pocket".

Furious drivers across Moscow have reportedly bombarded Sarafan Advertising Agency, the company that organised the sign, with compensation claims. The advertising agency, which usually specialises in mobile advertisements, said it would pay compensation to all those who crashed.

A spokesman for the advertising agency said, "We are planning to bring a new advertising format onto the market, encouraging companies to place their ads on the sides of trucks, as we thought this would be a good alternative to putting them on the sides of public transport."

With this horribly misguided campaign, they were hoping to draw attention to the aforementioned format.

"In all cases of accidents, the car owners will receive compensation costs from us that aren't covered by their insurance," the company spokesman added.