Siddharth Das reportedly confirmed on Tuesday that he is the father of Mikhail Bora and his elder sister Sheena Bora, who was allegedly murdered by her mother Indrani Mukherjea.

In an interview with Times Now in Kolkata, Das said that they (he and Indrani) never married and both the children were born "out of wedlock", The Times of India reported.

"I was never married to Indrani Mukerjea. Both children were born out of wedlock... Indrani and I were living together," Siddharth Das told Times Now and added that Sheena knew he was her father.

"I met Indrani in college in 1986. She left me in 1989. Maybe Indrani wasn't satisfied with my state as I did not have a job then," PTI quoted Das as saying.

The couple parted ways in 1989, after which he never met Indrani, Das said. He added that Indrani was money-minded and that she left him probably because she was "not satisfied" with his "status".

"Yes, there is a chance. She was always money-minded," he said on being asked if Indrani could have killed her own daughter.

He further added that he wants death penalty for those who killed his daughter.

Das is ready to undergo a DNA test to prove that he is Sheena's father, who he said was born on 11 February, 1987.

"I am ready to go for a DNA test to prove that I am the biological father of both children," Das said.

Das has been living in Kolkata since 1998 and works with a small company. He lives in Kolkata's Dumdum area.