Pawan Sehrawat
Pawan in action against UP Yoddha in the first eliminator

Cometh the hour, cometh the champion! This was proved by Bengaluru Bulls' star raider Pawan Sehrawat when he rescued his team from a dire situation to take them to victory over UP Yoddha in the first eliminator of Pro Kabaddi League season 7. 

The match was a topsy-turvy affair where both teams had ascendancy at different times. With around seven minutes remaining, Yoddha seemed on their way to win with a 7-point lead. Sehrawat had scored 9 points by then but was getting tackled too often as Nitesh Kumar in the right corner of Yoddhas defence seemed to have his number. 

But then Sehrawat turned things around and got his to a one-point lead with two successful two-point raids. In the last raid within the scheduled time, UP were able to score one point to tie the match and take it to extra time. 

Pawan was now unstoppable and sealed his team's victory by a magnificent raid where he scored four points by eliminating an equal number of players. He then had another successful raid where he got rid of the remaining two players on Yoddha on the mat to secure an all-out and clear all hurdles for his team to reach the semi-final against Dabang Delhi. 

Sehrawat ended with 20 points while Sumit Singh played a key role by scoring seven crucial points, often to revive Pawan when he was on the bench.