luqa airport
Light plane carrying EU officials crashes at Malta airport; 5 killed Pictured: Maltese soldiers at the Luqa AirportReuters

A light plane carrying five people on board, including European Union officials, has crashed at Luqa airport in Malta, killing all five of them on Monday. The plane crashed right after take off. It is the worst peacetime air disaster in the country. 

The plane crashed right after take-off from the Malta International Airport around 7.20 am local time. The plane burst into flames after crashing. The aircraft , a twin-prop US-built Swearingen Metroliner plane, was on its way to Misurata in Libya.

"I heard the scream of a plane, and then saw it come crashing down. It burst into flames immediately," a witness said. "Very little of the plane was left, just some debris."

Airport officials had earlier said that the aircraft carried officials of border security officials from Frontex. The Frontex clarified later saying that "no one was involved in the plane crash in Malta."

The propeller plane tipped to its right side and "went straight down to the ground," a witness told the Times of Malta. Firefighters and other emergency officials have reached the spot. 

All the people aboard the plane were French, the Maltese newspaper said. 

Flights from the airport have been halted after the crash. Flights have been redirected to Sicily. The aerodome will be closed until further notice, the airport authority said on Monday.