Junaid Azim Mattu has been removed as the Mayor of Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) after losing no-confidence motion on Tuesday, June 16. Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference (JKPC) leader Junaid Mattu was elected as mayor in the 2018 urban local body elections.

Mattu faced the 'No Confidence Motion' for the third time today since he was elected as the Mayor of Srinagar. The former Srinagar Mayor managed to get only 28 votes out of 70.

Junaid Mattu
In picture: Junaid Mattu.

Right after the floor test, the former Srinagar Mayor took to Twitter saying that the vote of 'No Confidence Motion' was passed in the SMC with 42 votes out of 70. Junaid Mattu's tweet read, "The vote of 'No Confidence Motion' against me, and the @JKPC has been passed in the SMC with 42 votes out of 70. The @BJP4India, @JKNC and some independents have polled against the @JKPC and @INCIndia abstaining whip where 28 Corporators abstained."

In a series of tweets, Mattu said, "I respect the verdict of the Corporation. The seemingly unthinkable seems to have happened as @JKNC and @BJP4India have come together in Srinagar. But more on that later. Time to spend some time with my family after nearly four months of our war against #COVID19."

For those who know me - they would know that I take this verdict with humility and my chin up! I am committed to serving the people of Srinagar to the best of my abilities now and also in the future."

I express gratitude to @JKPC_ especially our Chairman @sajadlone Sahab as well as my JKPC colleagues in SMC!"

"I also express gratitude to JKPCC @INCIndia President @GAMIR_INC and colleagues from INC who voted for me. I'll continue to work with you and uphold your trust!"

"Looking forward to spending a LOT of time with my family! Have missed out on my daughter's sweet little milestones especially in the last 6 months due to work. I will be writing about this and the unexpected alliance forged in SMC in due time. For now - time to kick back," read the former Srinagar Mayor's tweet.

Sheikh Imran touted to be the next Srinagar Mayor?

As former Srinagar Mayor Junaid Mattu lost the no-confidence motion moved by SMC Corporators, former Deputy Mayor Sheikh Mohammad Imran might become the next Mayor of Srinagar.

Sheikh Imran, who was arrested by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) last year in a bank fraud case, was removed from the post of the Deputy Mayor after an NCM (no-confidence motion) was passed against him.