Abhishek Singh
Abhishek raiding against Haryana Steelers in Eliminator 2 of PKL 7

Led by their experienced captain Fazel Atrachali, U Mumba defeated Haryana Steelers to win the second eliminator of Pro Kabaddi League season 7 by a margin of 46-38. The star of this victory were the two raiders of Mumbai-based team - Abhishek Singh and Arjun Deshwal. Both scored super-10s with Abhishek earning 16 points and Deshwal 15. 

The defence of U Mumba - much vaunted due to the presence of Fazel and Sandeep Narwal didn't quite rise to the occassion but they were more than compensated by the even more feeble defence of their opponents. 

For Steelers, their star raider Vikash Kandola did turn up and scored a super-10 but that proved very inadequate to fill up the huge gap that existed between the teams. Atrachali's team kept a steady lead throughout the match and looked all set to win the match with less than 10 minutes to go. 

But then there was a fightback from Steelers thanks to some successful raiding from Kandola and Prasanth Kumar Rai - who scored 9 points. To make the matters worse, the defence of Mumbai-based team started to give way and a succession of poor, unsuccessful, one-man tackle attempts failed. The elimination of Fazel at this stage left his team vulnerable. 

Soon, U Mumba suffered an all-out and the gap between the two teams was just 38-30. But the problem for Haryana was the constant leakage of bonus points which allowed their opponents to prevent the lead from shrinking too much. 

After the all-out though, U Mumba team re-gathered and Abhishek signalled his team's comeback by registering a two-point raid. After that, Mumbai's team remained calm and ensured there were no further setbacks. Eventually, the match ended 46-38 in favour of U Mumba.