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If there is ever a chance for meth cooking to debut in Broadway, it will be through a "Breaking Bad" musical. Even "Star Trek" star George Takei thinks it would be a great idea to give chemistry teacher Walter White a chance to educate the audience on how to cook cocaine through music and dance.

Bryan Cranston, who plays Walter White in "Breaking Bad", had revealed to Tonys Red Carpet host Darren Criss that ever since he saw "Hair" as a child, he had dreamt of starring in a Broadway musical. Cranston, who is self-admittedly not a good singer or a dancer, had won the Tony Awards in 2014 as the lead actor for the role of President Lyndon Johnson in "All the Way".

George Takai heard about Cranston's dream and tweeted, "Who wants to see #BreakingBad -The Musical? @BryanCranston #TonysRedCarpet #TonyAwards".

Whether or not Cranston is ready for a Meth cooking montage, fans are extremely excited by the prospect, as can be seen from their tweets.

Donovan Workun (‏@AtomicImprov): "songs like "that's right bit**es" "Heisenberg blue blues" "hanks new legs" "RV cookin".

Manisha Koirala (‏@Mismerryway): @GeorgeTakei @BryanCranston that would be amazing not even gonna lie.