Nina Bal
Nina Bal

When people generally hear the word 'Botox', their mind is splattered with the images of frozen expressions and distorted faces. It isn't easy to move past these images and have a positive outlook towards the procedure but Dr. Nina Bal can help anyone overcome this angst.

With more than 300k followers on Instagram, the influencer cum celebrity Dr. Bal has never failed to delight any of her clients and some among the list are popular celebrities. These celebrities and her other clients have had a successful transformation. Their trust lies in Dr. Nina Bal who believes, "Botox is not just a cosmetic procedure gone wrong. It all depends upon the skill of the doctor. The procedure, if done right, can sculpt your face and can make your skin look younger."

While her Instagram account is a delight, Dr. Nina shares more than just about her personal life. "My mission is to let people know that there is nothing wrong in choosing a procedure. I share a couple of before-after images, keeping the identity of the patients discreet, as I want people to know that these procedures aren't scary at all. If someone wishes to have them, then they should find a doctor they can put their trust in", explains Dr. Nina Bal on her content cycle towards making people less scared of facial sculpting on social media.

Dr. Bal is not only recommended by her clients but is also industry acclaimed for her work. Beyond her social media reach, she has also amplified her reach of expertise through a television show, 'Bodyfixers'. She was the official cosmetic dentist for their second season. With her future, she only wishes to change the lives of as many patients as possible.

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