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A fire at a house warming party in central Madagascar that broke out on Saturday night has reportedly killed 38 people including 16 children. There was only one survivor, a boy who was able to escape the flames by jumping out of the window.

Police ruled out foul play and said that the fire was accidental. The tragedy occurred during a house-warming party in the village of Ambalavato Ikalamavony.

"Of the 39 people in the house, 38 were killed, including 16 children," Herilalatiana Andrianarivosona, spokesman for the police said according to Press Trust of India.

Describing the accidental tragedy, Andrianarivosona said that the fire spread to a small rice straw hut before being fanned by the wind. It then spread to the main house.

 "A celebration was being held in Ambalavato after finishing the rehabilitation of an old house with a thatched roof," said the police spokesperson.

More details are awaited.