UPDATE: Two of the four Indians abducted in Libya have been released.

"I am happy we have been able to secure the release of Lakshmikant and Vijay Kumar. Trying for other two," External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj tweeted. 


Four Indians have been kidnapped in Libya from an Isis-controlled area, the Ministry of External Affairs has reportedly said.  

The four were abducted from Libya's Sirte area close to the capital of Tripoli. The Islamic State is suspected to be behind the kidnapping, according to reports.

Three of the Indians were teachers at the University of Sirte while the fourth worked there. They were abducted while they were returning to India. 

"The four Indian nationals who were returning to India via Tripoli and Tunis were detained at a check point, 50 km from Sirte," Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Vikas Swarup said at a press briefing on Friday.

Two of those abducted are from Karnataka and the other two are from Hyderabad, he said. One is said to be from Bengaluru. 

"We are in regular touch with their families. The MEA, through head of mission in Tripoli, is ascertaining details," Swarup said. 

There has been no demand for ransom yet.

Isis has been responsible for increasing violence in Libya in recent months. 

Despite warnings by authorities to Indians in Libya to leave the country, hundreds of Indians still remain in the strife-torn African nation. 

"Around 2,000 Keralites are still in crisis-hit Libya. Security situation is worsening day by day in that country. But many of the Indians are not willing to return to India. That is a huge challenge," Chairman of Parliament's Public Accounts Committee K V Thomas had said last month, according to The Indian Express

Last year, the government had evacuated hundreds of Indians from Libya and Isis-controlled regions in Iraq and Syria. 

However, 39 Indians still remain missing in Mosul in Iraq.