Rafale fighter aircraft
Rafale fighter aircraft.Reuters file [Representational Image]

A break-in attempt was made by a group of individuals at the Indian Air Force's Rafale fighter jet facility in Paris on Sunday.

According to reports, the break-in attempt was conducted by a group of unidentified individuals at the building of the Project Management Team of Rafale in St Cloud suburb of Paris. The Rafale office of the Indian team is in the same area as the French Dassault Aviation, who is the manufacturer of the fighter jets.

An Indian team headed by a Group Captain rank officer is in France to oversee the 36 Rafale fighter jet production as well as training of Indian personnel, reports ANI.

The investigation agencies suspect this break-in to be an attempt to steal data about the aircraft, which can be crucial for India's security. And nothing more valuable than the data can be stolen from the facility as no other valuables or money was kept inside the building complex. However, no hard drives or documents have been reported to be stolen or missing from the building.

The Defence Ministry has been briefed about the incident by the IAF and the French authorities are investigating over the case.