Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's marriage has been plagued by divorce rumours and the couple is surrounded by new stories such as the "Fury" actor trying to court Cara Delevingne and how Pitt has issued an ultimatum to divorce Jolie.

According to Gossip Cop, National Enquirer reported that Jolie is amidst a life and death battle. The report apparently said that she weighs only 79 pounds and is on the verge of dying, which has forced Pitt to give her an "eat or divorce ultimatum."

"Brad has done everything to get Angie to focus on her health... He's watched in despair as Angie sometimes goes all day without eating," Enquirer quoted the source as saying.

The report also claimed that Pitt is so worried about Joile's health that he is even ready to divorce her. Pitt is "so worried about her dying and loves her so much that he's willing to divorce her as a wake-up call. Pitt told Jolie that it's too hard on him and the kids to watch her waste away, but she still is in denial about having health issues," the source reportedly added.

Explaining further about how the kids feel about Jolie's health, the source apparently said, "The kids see Angie's hair loss and how sickly she looks, and it scares them to their core. They've asked Brad if Mommy is going to die. He tells them, no, that their mother went to the doctor to fix things so she won't die. But it's a frightening time for them. Until Angie gets serious about her health, her kids as well as Brad live in fear that she'll be dead within a few years."

Now, Gossip Cop has debunked this story calling it "complete nonsense. The website has clearly reported that neither Pitt is threatening to divorce Jolie, nor is she dying.