India's Vijender Singh has had an amazing start in his professional boxing career with two back-to-back victories in the circuit. Vijender, who defeated Sonny Whiting in his debut, came up with an even clinical performance in his second fight against Dean Gillen as he knocked the boxer in the first round.

Such performances have made boxing fans in India sit up and take notice, though eyebrows were raised from several quarters when Vijender decided to take up pro boxing as it meant the boxer, who was touted as a 2016 Rio Olympics medal hopeful, would not be able to participate in the event for India.

Though both the victories might not have been a huge ordeal, Viijender, if he carries winning bouts with such ease, will get noticed and can get some bigger bouts in the near future. As of now, he needs to concentrate on the job at hand as he is primarily new to the sport of pro boxing, which is different from amateur boxing.

"I think, my amateur boxing experience is helping me here. Now I am focusing on my techniques. I just have had two professional fights thus far, so still have a long way to go in Pro boxing. I have to work hard and learn a lot of things. So at the moment I am not in that celebration mode. I will only celebrate once I have two-three titles under my belt," Zee News quoted Vijender as saying.

Vijender is training under the watchful eyes of Lee Beard, who has given him the much-required training in order to shape him up as a quality pro boxer.

Like any other boxer, Vijender also dreams of becoming a world champion, but his focus, as of now, remains on training alone.

"They say, one should see dreams. Because when those dreams become real, it gives you the satisfaction. I also see dreams, be it becoming a World Champion or any other thing. It's a fantasy world. I just believe in working hard," added Vijender.

Though India is a nation, where cricket rules the roost, Vijender hopes that he can play an integral part in inspiring youngsters to take up the sport of boxing in the near future.

"I think all the sports are glamorous. Be it cricket or any other sports. I took the step, so that it can make way for other young Indian boxes too. During the World Championship in Doha, many UK promoters were excited about Indian boxers and they wanted more representatives from India. I think 10-15 years down the line people will appreciate my step," Vijender said.