Miguel Cotto
Miguel Cotto considers Pacquiao's quickness could prove to be big issues for MayweatherReuters

Boxing experts worldwide have been talking about the mega fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, and Puerto Rican professional boxer Miguel Cotto is not the one to be left behind, as he gave his personal views on the fight of the century as well.

Cotto has fought the American and the Filipino in his illustrious career, but has been second best against both of them, which just establishes the quality of Mayweather and Pacquiao.

Having fought both the boxers, Cotto does know about their style inside the ring and their strategy, which they might adopt during the bout on 2 May at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Like many former boxers and experts, Cotto feels Pacquiao's quickness and explosiveness might pose problems for Mayweather. The Filipino with his southpaw stance and his aggressiveness inside the ring could prove to a big threat for the American.

Though Mayweather is said to possess one of the best defense in the boxing circuit, expect Pacquiao to go all out and expose any weakness (if any) of Mayweather's defense.

"I think his explosiveness and his quickness is going to be big issues for Floyd on May 2nd. Floyd is a smart boxer. I think he is going to put Pacquiao at his distance and (try to) contain Pacquiao," Cotto told Sports Nation.

Both the boxers have started their training with their respective trainers and as per reports, Mayweather has been very impressive against his sparring partners. Pacquiao, meanwhile is said to be undergoing some serious training with Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach.

Cotto also knows the American trainer pretty well, as the Puerto Rican boxer has also been trained by Roach. Cotto feels Roach will get Pacquiao ready for the fight.

"I think being with Freddie Roach for my last two fights, I think Freddie is going to have Manny ready for Floyd. I think Manny has a big chance (to win)."

Come 2 May, the world is going to witness one of the most anticipated bouts in modern boxing history, which is also expected to shatter all box office records. The fight was expected to take place about five years ago, but it could not see the light of the day then.