Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao will be eager to sign off from the sport with a bang in April 9.Reuters

Boxing fans around the world are eagerly waiting to know who Manny Pacquiao's opponent will be for his farewell bout on 9 April. A number of names including Terence Crawford and Amir Khan have been doing the rounds as potential contenders for the mega bout, and a decision is expected on Friday.

After the retirement of Floyd Mayweather in September, Pacquiao's retirement from the sport can be termed as the second major retirement decision of late. Pacquiao, who lost his last against Mayweather during the fight of the century in May, will be eager to finish his career on a high. Hence, the focus, as of now, lies on potential contenders.

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum failed to connect with Pacquiao regarding his potential opponent, but was able to communicate with the Filipino's adviser, Michael Koncz, who is confident that the opponent shall be known by Friday.

"He's absolutely positive we'll have an answer by Friday," ESPN quoted Arum as saying.

Irrespective of the boxer who Pacquiao chooses to fight, it is expected to generate huge amount of revenue as well. However, that is going to be least of the Filipino's concern as he has already earned mega money from the sport. It is going to be a matter of pride, and more importantly about signing off with a bang.

Arum has close links with the boxer, but has decided to not intervene about choosing opponents. However, he had made it clear that he does not want Pacquiao to fight Khan, which is contrary to what boxing fans want.

Khan, who was also one of the biggest contenders to fight Mayweather in September, was ignored by the American as he chose to fight Andre Berto, which surprised many. Will Pacquiao also follow suit and snub Khan?

The public is well aware of Khan's desire to fight Pacquiao, so the final call remains with the Filipino.

With Arum promoting Crawford and Bradley, the promoter will be a happier person if he chooses either of the two, but considering it is the Filipino's last fight, Arum will not stand in his way.

"I purposely kept myself out of it because at this point it doesn't matter who Manny picks," Arum said. "Would I prefer it not to be Khan? Yes, but this is Manny's last fight. I have a duty to him to present him all of the options. Do I hope he doesn't pick Khan though? Of course [because I don't promote him], but I don't think he will pick Khan."