Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao has returned to training, expecting the fight to take place on May 2

From what one understands, it is pretty clear that Manny Pacquiao wants the fight of the century to take place on May 2 against Floyd Mayweather at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, despite negotiations being draged for what feels like ages now.

Though the fight between the two great boxers of modern times remains shrouded in a thick black cloud, Pacquiao is set to start his training sessions for the mega fight.

The Filipino posted a photo on Instagram, where he is seen holding his son Israel and it is the caption, which has grabbed headlines, where he says "serious training for the upcoming fight." with a "fight who????" caption at the end.

The Instagram post read: "More than anything that is very important is when you serve the Lord and spend time with the family before the serious training for the upcoming fight. Fight who?????? Hehehe im excited for this!"

The Filipino was in America for the past few days and boxing fans had expected him to make the official announcement about the mega fight with Mayweather, but unfortunately, no confirmation has come as yet.

Pacquiao has been very vocal in his desire to take on the American and even stated that Mayweather is afraid of him.

The Filipino is still optimistic that the fight will take shape as he earlier stated that the deal could be struck within one week.

In an interview with FoxNews' Chris Wallace during the weekend, he said: "I'm thinking that the fight will happen.

"So hopefully...within one week, though, we can hear from them and fix the fight. I don't want that when I retire boxing, and there's a big question to the minds of the fans."

Though, most fingers have been pointed towards Mayweather's camp for the fight not having taken place, when Mayweather leaked a video on Instagram few days earlier it suggested that the American also wants the fight to happen before they decide to hang up their gloves.

"I congratulate him (Pacquiao) on his career," Mayweather says in the video.

"He had a wonderful career and I had a wonderful career, but before we leave the sport, of course we have to make this fight happen."

But, the major problem lies with HBO and CBS owned Showtime, where both the networks have failed to come to a common agreement over terms for the delayed broadcast of the joint pay-per-view.

Pacquiao is contracted with HBO, while Mayweather with Showtime.