Oscar De La Hoya
Oscar De La Hoya expects an entertaining fight between Mayweather and PacquiaoReuters

A number of experts and boxers have chosen their favourites for the 2 May bout between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, but when Oscar De La Hoya talks about the bout, one is forced to listen to his words carefully.

Hoya has faced both the boxers inside the ring, though he may have been second best in both the bouts. But the boxer knows the contestants well enough and feels Pacquiao can cause some damage to Mayweather.

La Hoya, also nicknamed 'The Golden Boy' won an Olympic gold medal during the Barcelona games.

Lennox Lewis and Eddie Chambers have sided with the American to win the bout. But, this should not come as a huge surprise to anybody, for Mayweather is unbeaten in his professional career.

But Pacquiao could prove to be one of Mayweather's toughest test till date and when La Hoya was asked the same, he told Fight Hype, "I believe so because you have take into account that Pacquiao is a southpaw."

"If he has the legs for 12 rounds to move inside, outside, side to side and throw a lot of punches then I really do feel that Pacquiao can do some damage to Mayweather."

One also has to consider that the American has remained unbeaten as his skills on the ring are second to none, be it his offensive side of the game or defensive, he is a master at it.

He possesses one of the best punches in the game as well, which has floored many opponents. Twenty six of his 47 wins have come via knock outs.

But Pacquiao is said to possess very quick feet and could be a difficult proposition than any other. Pacquiao also has an impressive record with 57 wins from his 64 bouts along with 38 knock outs.

"But then again Mayweather is a masterful boxer. He is a master at defence so it is just going to be a really entertaining fight,'' added La Hoya.

The fight between the two is expected to be one of the best in modern times. No wonder, people around the world have been waiting for the mega fight for such a long time. The bout is also expected to break all kinds of box office records that exists in boxing history.