Freddie Roach
Freddie Roach is one of the most well known trainers in the sport of boxingReuters

The referee for the much anticipated fight of the century has not been appointed yet, but irrespective of the referee appointed for the bout, Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach wants a fair fight on 2 May at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

No one would want the fight to be a controversial one and the winner as a result of which does not receive the accolades he deserves. It would not be a fair ending to the saga, which has been hyped to the hilt.

The Hall of Famer American is already worried as to who would be the referee for the bout on 2 May. "I know all of the referees, I know the good ones, I know the great ones," Roach told ABS-CBN.

"I think they all respect me and Manny enough to give us a fair fight. That's all I'm asking for. Whoever refs the fight, all I'm asking is please, give us a fair fight, and let the best man win, and I think they'll do that."

But the people involved in appointing the referee have their task cut out as well, for they are required to rope in the best official for the bout, as a small mistake here and there could not only cost the boxer the bout but also huge dollars.

There are two referees who spring to one's mind for the bout -- Tony Weeks and Kenny Bayless -- apart from others. Both the referees are one of the most respected along with huge experienced in the circuit. 

Weeks and Bayless have refereed in some huge bouts in modern history, so it would not be a huge surprise if either of them get the nod for the mega bout.

The fight is expected to be one of the richest sporting events in the world where both the American and the Filipino are expected to make huge money. But rather than the money at the offing, it is their pride that is at stake.