After defeating Manny Pacquiao in the fight of the century in May, American Floyd Mayweather stated that he will fight for one last time before hanging his gloves. And ever since, boxing fans have been curious about his next opponent in September.

Boxing fans wanted some top boxer to be his final opponent and names such as Amir Khan from Great Britain and Gennady Golovkin from Kazakhastan were doing the rounds, but the pound for pound king will not fight either, but Andre Berto on 12 September at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

"I'm ready to get back in the ring on Sept. 12 and prove again to the whole world why I'm the best ever," ESPN quoted Mayweather as saying.

Considering Mayweather's record inside the boxing ring as a professional boxer, the Haitian-American professional has not lost a single bout and should be considered favourite to win his 49th bout and walk out of the sport undefeated.

Berto might not have an impressive record as Mayweather, but the American born boxer has only lost three fights in his career so far. Mayweather wants to bring his best game on 12 September and win his 49th bout.

"I always bring my A-game, and this fight against Andre Berto is no exception. He's a young, strong fighter who is hungry to take down the best. Forty-eight have tried before, and on Sept. 12, I'm going to make it 49."

Mayweather will be an even confident pugilist when he takes on Andre Berto on 12 September after his win against Manny Pacquaio, who was considered to be Mayweather's toughest opponent in his boxing career.

Despite the incredible record, Mayweather cannot afford to take the boxer lightly as Berto has also knocked out 24 of his opponents and is confident of flooring Mayweather as well.

"I'm coming to kick Floyd's ass on Sept. 12," said Berto.

"Best believe that I plan to bring it to Floyd. and I'm not concerned about what 48 other fighters have been unable to do. Somebody is getting knocked out, and it won't be me. You don't want to miss this."

Showtime pay-per-view will broadcast the bout live from MGM grand on 12 September.