Bob Arum
Bob Arum was key for Paquiao during the negotiations phase of the dealReuters

Bob Arum, Pacquiao's promoter, had been working tirelessly so that the fight of the century between Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquaio sees the green light. Finally, he has been successful as well after some weeks of negotiations.

All deals between the American and the Filipino have been agreed, which includes the Mayweather's choice of drug testing and use of gloves. The deal would also witness 60-40 split advantage on revenues for Mayweather, which would see him pocket somewhere around $120 million.

Both the boxers may not be thinking about the money part of it, though Pacaquiao would also take away $80 million, they would rather be interested in beating one another, as it could help them in establishing themselves as the greatest boxer.

Pacquaio's promoter, Arum is a confident person, when it comes to the bout on 2 May in Las Vegas.

"I tell you, there's going to be one winner from this fight, and it's gonna be the congressman from Sarangani, Manny Pacquiao," Arum told 24 Oras in an interview.

It is going to be an interesting fight as Mayweather also considers himself to be a favourite and said that the bout against Pacquaio will be his 48th victory.

The American has been a huge success in his illustrious career, where he has remained unbeaten in 47 bouts, 26 of them being knock-outs.

Manny Pacquiao has been very vocal about the match and had even stated in the negotiations phase that the American is afraid of him.

The negotiations between the two dragged on for such a long time that many fans, critics and experts alike believed that the fight is not going to materialise, irrespective of both the camps being eager for the fight.

The two networks, HBO and Showtime, were also said to be the main reason behind the obstacle, with Pacquiao in contract with HBO and Mayweather with Showtime.

Arum believes that the negotiations stalled due to the 'mistrust' between the two camps, and also the "lies," which were spread by the press.

"The negotiations were very difficult," he said. "A lot of it was impeded by some elements of the Philippine press who were reporting lies that had no basis in reality but impeded the negotiations."