Vijender SIngh
Vijender Singh is yet to taste defeat in pro boxing.Reuters

After having orchestrated a brilliant win to clinch the WBO Asia Pacific title defeating Kerry Hope on Saturday, Vijender Singh has set his sights on a bout against British boxer Amir Khan. However, both the boxers are in different weight categories at present, so one has to compromise on their weight-class.

The Indian boxer, who was pleased with the overwhelming support of his fans during his first fight in New Delhi, wants to fight Amir in India. Vijender has taken rapid strides in the sport of boxing, after turning pro, helping him earn huge fame as well, but the opponents he face in the future are going to be strong. He has won his last seven fights as a pro boxer. 

"My world ranking will be in the top 15. I will get harder fights now but I am ready for it. I will work with my coaches and my team and we will go for it. Mine and Amir's weight categories are different. So, in case he increases his weight or I decrease mine then we can work it out. We are thinking about it, so let's see. I hope that when that big fight happens, it happens in India only," Press Trust of India quoted Vijender as saying.

Vijender has showed that he is determined to fight against the best boxers in the business after dominating Hope, who has been in the sport for more than a decade, in the title bout. This win will give Vijender confidence to perform against other boxers as well.

Boxing fans in India showed that they love the sport, by pouring out in numbers, and one cannot even imagine the atmosphere in India if Vijender vs Khan fight shapes up in the country. Talks are also said to have tentatively started for the mega bout, which are always encouraging signs.

"In the long term, we will keep an eye on Amir Khan as well. That fight over here will be phenomenal, it will be a massive fight. We have tentatively talked with Amir's team, I know they want it, I know Vijender wants it," said Francis Warren, Vijender's promoter.