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Floyd Mayweather needs to be on top of his game to defeat Manny PacquiaoReuters

When Manny Pacquiao meets Floyd Mayweather on 2 May at MGM Grand in Las Vegas for the fight of the century, the Filipino, who is known to be very swift inside the ring, is expected to throw a lot of punches.

The American is aware that the Filipino might come and throw a barrage of punches, but Mayweather says his focus will be on dictating the pace during the fight.

"I think my focus is always being in control and dictating the pace," Mayweather told

The Filipino has to come with a precise plan if he wants to break Mayweather's unbeaten streak of 47 losses.

Mayweather possesses one of the best defenses in the boxing circuit and it is not going to be easy to break through for Pacquiao, with the American confident of keeping his guard on for the entire duration of the fight.

"You've got guys who throw a lot of punches - you know, a majority of the time, I think that everyone game plans to throw a lot of punches. It hasn't worked so far," added a confident Mayweather."

But, it needs to be said that Mayweather has not faced a boxer like "Pac-Man", who is very quick on his feet and also a southpaw. The American will be careful not to be at the receiving end of Pacquiao's left hand punches, which could prove to be the Filipino's major weapon during the fight.

"But I've faced a lot of great fighters, a lot of guys going down in the Hall of Fame, and guys going down in history as top guys," said Mayweather.

Like Mayweather said, he has fought boxers such as Marcos Maidana from Argentina, Saul Alvarez from Mexico and a number of other boxers, but none have been able to either knock him down or beat him.

Will Pacquiao be the first one to do so?