Vikram's "I" has ruled the international box office in its opening weekend and has performed better than many leading Indian movies including Aamir Khan's blockbuster movie "PK".

The Shankar directorial has got a flying start at many international circuits. "I" has raked in $697,346 (₹4.3 crore), $293,411 (₹1.81 crore) and $10,373 (₹6.40 lakh) from the Tamil, Telugu and Hindi versions respectively at the US Box Office in the opening weekend from 222, 131 and 36 screens.

Aamir Khan's
A collage of "PK" and "I".PK Facebook Page/I Facebook Page

On the other end, "PK", in its fifth weekend, has earned $63,227 (₹39.08 lakh) from 31 screens. The total collection of Aamir Khan's movie here is $8,485,040 (₹52.36 crore)

New releases like Hindi movie "Tevar" and Tamil film "Aambala" did not perform up to the expected level. While the former raked in ₹1 crore, the Tamil flick made ₹1.47 lakh in the opening weekend at the US Box Office.

In the Canada box office, "I" dominated the screens by making $201,207 (₹1.24 crore) from 11 screens and "PK", which has made a total of $1,948,323 (₹12.02 crore) so far, collected $38,123 (₹23.56 lakh) in its fifth weekend from 12 screens. The Tamil movie performed brilliantly at the UK box office where it collected £258,764 (₹2.41 crore) from 57 screens.

Here, "PK" earned £41,650 (38.84 lakh) from 23 screens. The total collection of the Bollywood movie in this region is £115,244 (₹21.63 crore).

"I" has made A$ 247,751 (₹1.25 crore) from 18 screens at Australian box office and "PK" made A$ 2751 (1.39 lakh) from five screens. The total collection of the Aamir Khan's movie from this part of the worlds is A$ 2,108,655 (₹10.68 crore).

In New Zealand, "I" earned about NZ $ 29,862 (₹14.33 lakh) from five screens and "PK", which has made a total of NZ $ 568,336 (₹2.72 crore), earned NZ $ 4,235 (₹ 2.02 lakh) here.

However, Malaysia has become second biggest market for Vikram's "I" as the movie has made MYR 2,162,742 (₹3.74 crore) in its first weekend from 40 screens. The total collection of "PK" itself is MYR 229,507 (₹39.73 lakh). Last weekend, it made MYR 9,343 (₹1.61 lakh) from two screens.