'PK'-'Mr & Mrs Ramachari'
A collage of "PK" and "Mr and Mrs Ramachari".PK Facebook Page/IB Times India

Aamir Khan starrer Bollywood movie "PK" and Yash starrer Kannada film "Mr & Mrs Ramachari" have dominated the box office collections in Bengaluru. Both the films have become the biggest hits of 2014 in their respective industries.

"PK", despite courting controversy over its content, has been running successfully in most of the theatres in the city. The movie, which was released on 19 December, even in its third week has managed to pull good number of audience to theatres.

The Aamir Khan starrer is heading towards its fourth week with a bang in Bengaluru. Its popularity reflects with its screen counts where the Bollywood movie still has 125+ shows, which has stunned local traders.

Normally, a big star's Bollywood movie loses its steam in its second week and usually comes down to 60 shows in third week. But in case of "PK", the film has continued to have 125+ shows in its fourth week, which shows that the film is still pulling audience to the theatres.

Coming back to "Mr and Mrs Ramachari", the Yash and Radhika Pandit starrer has become the biggest hit of 2014. Some trade reports have declared the film as the highest-grossing film in Yash's career as it has earned above ₹15 crores in the state.

"Mr and Mrs Ramachari", which was released on 25 December, is still running to packed houses in most of the theatres. The Kannada film, in its third week, has close to 120 shows in the city. Yash's films usually have good runs in multiplexes in opening week. But the latest film has continued to attract audience even in its second week.

The releases of a few movies including Upendra's "Shivam" have not affected "Mr and Mrs Ramachari". The impressive part of it success story is that the film, amid facing a lot of competition from other language movies like "PK", "Lingaa" and "Interstellar", has remained strong at collection centres.