Botched Execution Leads to Oklahoma Inmate Clyton Lockett’s Vein ‘Explosion’ and a Massive Heart-Attack. (Photo: Reuters)
Botched Execution Leads to Oklahoma Inmate Clyton Lockett’s Vein ‘Explosion’ and a Massive Heart-Attack. (Photo: Reuters)Reuters

In the light of the botched Oklahoma execution of an inmate, Robert Patton, Director of Oklahoma Department of Corrections in his report has requested Governor Mary Fallin to put an indefinite stay on executions in the state. The request has been granted by the governor, who is said to be a strong supporter of death penalty. The stay has brought relief to about 51 death row inmates in Oklahoma.

There was much shock and upheaval when the Oklahoma officials earlier on Tuesday botched up the execution of Clayton Lockett. The officials had administered a lethal three-drug cocktail, but the procedure failed to kill Lockett, instead he groaned in pain for over 40 minutes before his last breath.

The incident also brought in strong reaction from President Obama, who noted that incident was 'deeply troubling.' Several media representatives attending the execution, following the procedure drew a tragic scene describing the painful death of Lockett.

In his minute by minute account of the incident, Robert Patton, has suggested an indefinite stay on execution, till new protocols are drafted and the Oklahoma authorities are planning to revise it.

Lockett was sentenced to death for killing 19-year-old Stephanie Neiman in 1999 during a home burglary. Neiman was shot and buried alive.

At the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, at present there are total 51 inmates on death row. An inmate, Charles Warner is dated to be executed on 14 May, however, the botched execution of Lockett is bound to give him more time to live.

"I have asked the Department of Corrections to conduct a full review of Oklahoma's execution procedures to determine what happened and why during [the] execution of Clayton Derrell Lockett," said Governor Fallin in a press statement. "I have issued an executive order delaying the execution of Charles Frederick Warner for 14 days to allow for that review to be completed."

Warner was convicted of killing his girlfriend's baby daughter in 1997.