While gearing up to set a new box office record with the release of "Boruto: Naruto the Movie" in the US on 10 October, creator Masashi Kishimoto is also working on his next project.

The manga artist spilled out a few details about his upcoming project during an interview with the Japanese media outlet Entermix. He informed that he is preparing a science fiction Naruto series and has "already finalised the character designs."

The creator even teased that he is planning to introduce a new character as the protagonist. "I think the protagonist is one that hasn't been seen before in manga, and while it's me saying it, I think that the character is done very well," Anime News Network quoted him as saying.

Explaining further about the next Naruto series, Kishimoto said, "I want to think once more about the difference between what I want to write and what readers are looking for when reading my works. I started thinking about this by writing Naruto and various one-shots. Naruto became an unexpected hit, but I want to make my next work a hit as well by actually aiming to do so".

However, the manga fans may have to wait a little longer for more details about the sci-fi series as the creator revealed that he is not sure about when he will announce his new project. "Please wait for my challenge of a work that will surpass Naruto," he said.

Meanwhile, Kishimoto will reportedly make a special appearance at the upcoming New York Comic Con, which will be held at the Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan from 8-11 October.

"Boruto: Naruto the Movie" hit big screens of Japan on 7 August and broke the franchise box office records in just first three days of its release by earning around US$ 5.46 million (680 million yen). The film will hit US theatres on 10 October.