Anders Breivik
Anders BreivikReuters

In a letter dated 29 January, Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik demanded his PlayStation 2 games console be changed to a more up-to-date PS3 "with access to more adult games that I get to choose myself".

Breivik, who killed 77 people in 2011 and is undergoing a 21-year jail term, reportedly sent in a list with 12 demands to prison officials in Norway.

In the letter, he has demanded access to computer instead of typewriters, increase in his daily allowance, and better chairs among other things. He has also threatened to go a hunger strike, if his demands are not met, KL.FM 96.7 reported.

Breivik, who is held in a jail near Oslo and Skien in southeast Norway, also has sent a copy of the letter to the Russian television channel REN TV, reported a Russian daily -Gazeta.

In the letters to the Russians, Breivik, besides complaining about the prison conditions, calls himself a political prisoner and a Nazi Mandela.

In the letter, he says that he should be treated humanely, as he had treated his victims with humanity and killed them without torture. He stated that in the prison he was forbidden to communicate with other prisoners, including the nationalists, such as Breivik himself.

Anders Breivik is serving 21 years for carrying out two terror attacks in Norway in 2011. In total, 77 people were killed by his action. In his first, he stuffed a rented van with explosives and detonated it near government buildings in Oslo.

Later, he went to Utoya Island, where a youth camp for the Norwegian Labour Party was being held. There, posing as a Secret Service Agent on the pretext of conducting a safety training, he gathered up the youngsters. It is reported that he kept shooting at the people for over about half an hour. He later surrendered to the police.